Fast Tracks Running Club

This page was last updated on: May 1, 2006
I wanted to take a moment to thank Fast Tracks for welcoming me to their run
this past Saturday.  As a visitor from Houston, I was pleased as I got to
Valley Forge to see a number of folks running by me....they appeared to be
on an organized group.  I started following and quickly began conversing
with the group.   We stopped for a gatorade drop (similar to what we do in
Houston) and was offered a drink, we then ran on some trails and was offered
a history of the area without having to stop to read the signs!

Unfortunately, I was only going about 6 miles that day due to the need to
get to an I had to leave the group.  I wish I remembered all of
the names of the folks who welcomed me, but I remember each of them none the
less.  Some of my Houston running group plan to do the Philadelphia Marathon
this fall, and I may be one of them. I'll be sure they look you all up.

Thanks again for the welcome and if I can ever provide some help for any
of the "Fast Tracks" folks in Houston, let me know.   Carolyn Parsons