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Susan B. Anthony Dinner - February 23rd, 2006
The Main Street Cafe
660 Lancaster Avenue, Berwyn, PA
The Fast Tracks Guiding Light Award:  Stacey Rohrbeck
The Joan Osborne Founder's Award:  Deb Keener
The Most Improved Runner Award:  Ethel Cook and Janice Lear
The Fast Tracks Rookie of the Year Award:  Sylvie Laquerre
Bonnie and Clyde Award:  Harry Rimmer and Andi Lieberman
The Comeback Kid Award:  Candace Gantt
The Fast Tracks Most Wanted Award:  Tom Chaves
The Climb Every Mountain, Ford Every Stream Award:  Jim Donaghy
An Award of Recognition for Recognition:  Carole Rosen
All American Woman:  Joan Affleck and Barb Leighton
An Award for Going All The Way:  Vicki Blevins, Ethel Cook, Ali Gregro, Keith Straw, Jennifer Van Allen
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2006 Susan B. Anthony Award Winners