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2008 Marathon & Ultra Marathon Stories
Fast Tracks in the news (2/18/2008)
Charlie Horse Half Marathon
Charlie Horse Half Marathon
May 26th, 2008

No hotel reservations needed and who knows what country we were in.

No problem with over $40 entrees when there are no restaurants.

Ingrid, Jens, Laszlo and I trucked over to downtown Plowville where two
roads cross. We got on buses and were given race tips such as how not to get
kicked by horses along the course.   Ingrid was also introduced as the new
President of the Horseshoe Trail Association. We were then  jostled  13
miles along scenic country roads to the Hay Creek.  Here while waiting for
everyone to arrive, we stomped around to see what fishermen were catching
but for some reason they decided to leave. Additional pre-race entertainment
was provided by a woman trying to get her horse to cross the creek for the
100+ time however this time he didn't budge until she picked a stick up from
the ground.  Apparently horses are crazy.

Oh yeah, the race -

The race was off and we were into the cold Hay Creek. Maybe knee deep if you
are Jens or chest deep if you step into a hole like me. Down a dusty road
but no problem since in a 1/4 mile we had another chance to rinse off in the
Hay Creek. After a 600 foot climb over 3 miles we had chance to recover and
enjoy the scenic beauty of the next  ridge where we would do it again. Now
at 9 miles we could almost see the finish - just over the next peak  3 miles
away.  Cheering us along on the last hill was a gaggle or whatever you call
them of guinea hens chattering and clucking away as if we were the first
people they have seen since about this time last year. And finally a mile
downhill dash through mud to the finish were burgers, dogs and beer awaited
at the Sleepy Hollow Athletic Club.

Water stops needed no improvement as the last one had ice pops and other
refreshments. The course was not walker friendly nor runner friendly and
barely horse friendly.

Needlessly to say it is kid of quiet on weekends in Sleepy Hollow as it is
in downtown Plowville. However, at the AC it was a party with music, food,
beverages of all types and the pool after the mud was hosed off.

Our final saving grace .... Everyone ran much faster  than last year. 15'
cooler and less humidity. Hi-tech shirts also with my Garmin watch elevation
profile printed on the front to remind everyone why they hurt so much today.

Happy Memorial Day to all and especially to those who have served to let us
enjoy these races.  Jim

Triumph Over Evil
By Laura Pyott

Something happened to me last week that I thought would never happen.  Million to one odds.  You know the kind of thing I am talking about---getting struck by lightning, finding a man at the door with balloons and a big check,  seeing a winning strategy from a Democratic presidential candidate.  Last Wednesday afternoon, I was bitten by a snake.  I was pulling weeds in the garden and must have disturbed the slumbering serpent.  At first I thought I'd been stuck by a thorn, but I quickly realized my error when I pulled my hand out of the weeds and saw the snake attached to my finger.  Quick synopsis of events: have a heart attack, call poison control to find out if snake is venomous (it wasn't), quick visit to the ER for a tetanus shot, some antibiotics, and a band-aid for the fang holes in my finger.

Once I had recovered from the attack (more terrifying than painful), I realized that I needed to celebrate my victory over Evil.  What better way to celebrate than call up a few of my closest friends and compete in a triathlon?  Unfortunately my closest friends were unavailable, so I settled for Mary Wood and her daughter Jenny, Deb Gordon, and Bobbi Kisebach.  We traveled to Hammonton, New Jersey (Blueberry Capital of the World!) to compete in the Hammonton Sprint Tri/Du.  Mary and I endured the chilly waters of Hammonton Lake at 64 degrees, while Jenny, Bobbi, and Debbie all did the du.  The bike course was flat with a decent headwind to battle on the way back (it wouldn't be proper race report without mention of a headwind), and the run was mostly flat and shaded.  The Fasttracks Multisport Group cleaned up-with all members in attendance winning or placing in their age group!  I was so proud of all of my closest friends' replacements. 

Laura Pyott

Hammonton Sprint Tri/Du
MS City to Shore

Dear Fast Trackers -

It is now Monday evening and the MS City to Shore 2008 is just a wonderful and unforgettable memory for 14 Fast Trackers who braved the predications of rains, and possible thunder showers to raise over $3200 for MS. The 11 cyclists were:

Terry Clopper-Chaves
Marissa Crocco
Lori DePolis
Gwen Goldberg
Darren Henderson
Bobbi Kisebach
Barry Lerman
Andi Lieberman
Chris Radl
Donna Radl
Debbie Zyskowski

Our three (3) support people were:
Tom Chaves
Greg Packard
Harry Rimmer

Although the day remained overcast, the weather was warm. A beautiful day for a 75 mile bike ride from Cherry Hill, NJ, to Ocean City, NJ. We proudly wore our Fast Tracks jerseys as we had our team picture taken, as we progressed through the back roads of New Jersey, and as we celebrated our victories at the finish line. It was quite a day. Saturday evening we hit the Ocean City boardwalk for funnel cake, curly fries, Mack & Macco pizza, ice cream, caramel popcorn, and fudge. Sunday morning we biked, walked, ran, and/or swam in the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Several of us enjoyed the experience so much that we have already signed up for the MS 2009 ride. Again, we have named our team Fast Tracks.

If you enjoy cycling, the comradery of your fellow Fast Trackers, and angsting about the weather for 5 days just prior to the ride, then please consider joining the Fast Tracks MS City to Shore 2009 team.

Happy running, walking, biking, and swimming. Enjoy these warm days of autumn.


2008 MS City to Shore Bike Ride
Back Row (Left to Right): Andi Lieberman, Darrin Henderson, Chris Radl, Barry Lerman, Debbie Zyskowski
Fron Row (Left to Right): Terry Clopper-Chaves, Marissa Crocco, Donna Radl, Gwen Goldberg, Bobbi Kisebach
3:15 am start for the team captainTeam gathers and gets psyched!Amidst the 7,000 other bikers, Fast Trackers gatherBarry & Gwen & Marissa are ready to go with team supporter Harry Rimmer in the backgroundTeam gets a photo before the ride startsTerry poses minutes before the startBarry & Marissa (or Barney & Melissa) starting the raceTeam picture with the support teamGwen starts up the hillBobbiDarren & Debbie Z.Chris & DonnaTerry waving to her fansTerry after the first rest stop (about 20 miles)Andi at the lunch stop with Gwen, Harry, Darren, & Bobbi getting ready to move onThe team at the lunch stopBobbi & Terry at the finish lineTeam captain Terry - "I did it!"
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Radnor Red 5k Steeplechase Run
5th Annual Radnor Red Steeplechase Run

Our fifth annual radnor red is in the books . . . . what a day!

*** 411 registered with 348 finishers - a 25% increase in participants!

*** Over 80 volunteers on race day to manage the course, registration, food, parking, and finish line . . .

*** Six vendors at our initial race day expo

*** A new course designed by our own Jim Donaghy that had 12 obstacles including water pits, logs, benches, & fences (the only complaint we heard was - only 12 obstacles? NOTE: Jim did have 31 in his initial version of the course . . . )

*** Our generous sponsors provided great financial support to the cause (Fast Tracks, The Running Place, Kohls, Reedman Toll, Roberts Automall, SEI, Brooks, Dr. Nick Romansky, University of Phoenix, RIQ Design, Elco & Associates, KHR Solutions, Primo Hoagies, Meredith Murphy (Licensed Acupuncturist), Ellis Athletic Center, Progressive Chiropractic). Check out all the generous sponsors at http://www.radnorredsteeplechase.org/2008sponsors.html#anchor_52

*** The weather was simply gorgeous for a steeplechase run . . .

Thanks to all the Fast Trackers who supported the race - running, volunteering, being on the race committee . . . it was great to see so many out there Sunday morning and we couldn't have done it without you . . . you have made Fast Tracks proud . . .

Our beneficiary Students Run Philly Style had over 100 participants in the race as one of their own kicked off the race with the National Anthem . . .

Special thanks to the race committee below who have worked hard since late spring to make the event the success it was!

Terry Chaves, Food
Tom Chaves, Co Race Director
Jim Donaghy, Course
Candace Gantt, Volunteer Chair & Radnor Hunt Liason
Deb Hall, Registration
Mike Harkness, Co Race Director
Bobbi Kisebach, Registration
Suzanne Koup-Larsen, Marketing
Heather McDanel, SRPS Liason
Joan Osborne, TShirts
Vince Santivasi, Sponsorships
Keith Straw, Announcing
Deb Zyskowski, Sponsorships
Tracy Tesfaye, Course

Click here to see pictures from the race . . .
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