Fast Tracks Running Club

2004 Races
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January 2004 Races
Shiver by the River 5k
January 11, Reading, PA
Janet Lewis - 20:37 - 1st in age group

Bob Woodruff - no time submitted
Shiver by the River 5k
February 8, Reading, PA
Janet Lewis - 21:06 - 1st in age group

Bob Woodruff - no time submitted
February 2004 Races
March 2004 Races
Charlotte Corporate Cup 1/2 Marathon
March 6, Charlotte, NC

Thomas Chaves - 1:47:23 Ran this as part of a 20-miler. Hilly race
YRRC Distance Classic Half Marathon
March 7, Youngstown, OH

Keith Hyndman - 1:50:01 (140 out of 280 - exact middle of the pack). A beautiful 40 degree start through rolling hills (challenging) at Mill Creek Park.  The entire course was on paved roads through the park, good support, a very enjoyable run.
Caesar Rodney Half Marathon
March 14, Wilmington, DE

Tom Chaves -1:36:18

Jan Haig - 2:01:54 The race lived up to its "big hills" reputation but was wonderful!  A nice brisk day to run!

Bobbi Kisebach - 2:00:51, 6th in age group.  No chip times because new underground cables interfered with chip sensors.

Martha Fedor - 3:09:00 Racer's Comments: Sooooo happy to be out there moving and enjoying the sights!  What a great race to participate in!  Very friendly even to the Run-walker types!  The finish line was not taken down until the last person( yipee not me) crossed! 

Mary Wood  - 2:00:43
Rock n Roll Marathon
January 11, Phoenix, AR
Sorita Averill - 2:04:20 Racer's Comments: Survived in the desert with little water.

Gloria Doehling - 6:44:25 Racer's Comments: First marathon ever attempted.  There were Rock n Roll bands along the trail which was a great motivator.  I would highly recommend this race to anyone.

Keith Hyndman - 1:46:28 Racer's Comments: Beautiful weather, awesome spectator turnout, and free beer at the finish!
Bancroft 5K
March 20, Haddonfield NJ

Liz Ludwigson - 19:50 Racer's Comments: Lots of good competition.
St. Patrick's 10-Miler
March 13, Margate, NJ

Steve Evans - 1:30:25  Racer's comments:  My time was an impressive 21 minutes slower than last year. Maybe I can get an award for that.
Fighting Irish 5K
March 13, Philadelphia PA

Fast Tracks swept several age group spots at the 2nd annual Fighting Irish 5K.  Braving cold temperatures, a biting wind, and a hilly course, these brave hearts won the day with admirable early season victories to the sounds of live bagpipes!   Asterisked runners are currently training for a marathon and still had age group places in the 5K!  Thanks to Joan Affleck for cheering Fast Tracks on to victory, and congratulations to all!

Stacy Antoniadis - 28:12  Placed third for 50 - 55 females

Christa Farnon, 32:09, 3rd in age group

Andrea Gerbstadt, 30:56, 1st in age group

Sue McClathy, 22:52, 2nd in age group*

Avery Mortimer, 19:11, 3rd in age group

Dona Murphy, 27:42, 2nd in age group

Stacey Rohrbeck, 23:42, 2nd in age group*
Brian's Run 10K
March 28, West Chester PA

Jan Haig - 57:52

Barb Leighton - 26:14

George Sanders - 53:05  Racer's Comments: Got to report the slow times too.  Hope they go back to the traditional December date and course.

Mary Wood - 58:46

Ugly Mudder 7-Miler (more or less)
March 21, Reading, PA

Jim Donaghy - 1:17:10 Racer's Comments: The first 2.5 miles of the Ugly Mudder was up hill.  I wouldn't call it a trail race as it was hard to determine if there was a trail except for the footprints of those ahead in the snow and mud and for the stair climb to the Pagoda.  We vaulted and jumped at least 100 trees and logs and climbed 4 stone walls.  That also makes me think we weren't on trails.  After all of that we climbed up a wall of mud on all 4s to the finish.  What some people won't do for beer and pancakes.  By the way, if they haven't sent in their results yet, Mary Wood was first in age group, last in sanity.  Robin McMonagle came in second in sanity.

Robin McMonagle - 1:36:00  Racer's Comments: I am still cleaning the mud out of my shoes!!!

Mary Wood - 1:36:00 1st in Age Group.  Racer's Comments: Mix of snow, mud and slush with a muddy uphill scramble to finish but great fun!
Shiver by the River 10k
January 11, Reading, PA
Sarah German - 53:10
Shiver by the River 10k
February 8, Reading, PA
Sarah German - 50:51
RACC 5 Miler
March 28, Reading PA

Jim Donaghy - 36:12 - 3rd in age group
Shiver by the River 10k - Series
March 7,  Reading PA

Janet Lewis - 43:00 10k - 1st in age group.  Her running buddy, Bob Woodruff, submitted Janet's results and commented: "Her results are just sooooo boring I hesitate to send them in, but here they are . . . . Guess what, she won the age group award for the series!"

Bob Woodruff - no time submitted.  His running buddy, Janet Lewis, wrote that Bob ran the entire series and commented: "Bob Woodruff - Shiver by the River Series - ran all four races fast and hard and strong including the last race where he paced me evenly and perfectly.  Also provided special fun for Sarah and Milo and the rest of our corner table at the award ceremony - thank you Bob!  I am not submitting times because sometimes it is about the fun of the racing and hot chocalate and not the time on the clock."
April 2004 Races
Pottstown YMCA Spring Forward 5k
April 3, Pottstown PA

Robin McMonagle - 26:40
Mt. Penn Mudfest 15k Trail Run
April 10, Reading PA

Robin McMonagle - 1:51:00  Racer's Comments: "Please note my pal Mary was NOT with me for these so it was an even bigger accomplishment for me! :o)"

The Brandywine Duathlon - 5k run, 30k bike, 5k run
April 17, Brandywine PA

Candace Gantt - 1:56:00  Placed 4th out of 9 in age group
Mary Wood - 2:04 Racer's Remarks: 1st in age group (2 of us this time!)
Boston Marathon
April 19, Boston, MA

Carrie McAdam - 3:52:10  Racer's Remarks: Extremely hot!  I was laughing with a guy afterwards (well after the pain stopped) about how our goals changed during the race from don't expect a PR, past bad day goal, through the worst-case goal, to dear God, let me finish!
Joan Affleck - 4:14:42
Denise Campbell
Sue McClatchy
Bonnie Hoover
Dawn Morgan -  4:11:03
Stacey Rohrbeck
Kristen Walton

Mudfest 15K  Trail  Run
April 19, Reading PA

Jim Donaghy 1:30:39  Racer's Comments: The 10th Year of Mud, Mirth and Masochism
Janet Lewis 1:33:18
Robin McMonagle 1:51:46
Bob  Woodruff 1:30:56
BMRC's Out and Back Party Run 4 Miler
April 23, Philadelphia, PA

Stacy Antoniadis  - 36:13
Narberth Run 5 Miler
April 24, Narberth, PA

Sam Murphy - 40:33
Laura Pyott  - 40:33
5K Run for Dana Marie
April 25, Phoenixville, PA

Janet Lewis - 20:10  First Place Overall Female
Not Just a Walk in the Park 5K
April 25, West Goshen, PA

George Sanders - 23:19  1st in age group.  Racer's Comments - 8th male, 11th overall of 73 runners, and I had to sprint the last 100 meters!  No rest for the weary.
New Jersey Marathon
April 25, Sandy Hook, NJ

Tom Chaves - 3:43:44
Rob DiMarco
Danielle Fagan - First Marathon!
Jan Haig
Deb Hall - 3:41:06 - PR, 10th in age group, Boston Qualifier!
Christina Ng 8th in age group, Boston Qualifier!
Runners World Half Marathon
April 25, Allentown, PA

Steve Evans - 1:51:40  Racer's Remarks:  Second worst time ever at the distance, over 20 minutes slower than 2002 in the same race. I will try harder next year and am determined to run my worst time ever.
Ana Fernandez-Parmet - 1:55:44
Milo German - first 1/2 marathon!
George Hughes - 1:33:21 - PR!  Racer's Remarks: Perfect cool weather,great course.
Robin McMonagle
Mary Wood
Butterfly 5K 
April 10,  Malvern,  PA

Bobbi Kisebach -  26:10

Sky's the Limit 5 K 
April 17,  Downingtown, PA

Stephen Daluisio - 21:59 (PR) Racer's Remarks: Nice small race to help build a handicap accessibly playground. Run by the Mothers of Multiples club, very well organized as you can imagine.  

Fresh Air Council 5K
April 17, W River Dr.

Bobbi Kisebach -  25:46

Penn Relays , 1/4 Mile Event
April 23 ,  Philadelphia, PA

Liz Ludwigson  - 00:01:08
Broad Street 10 miler
May 2, Philadelphia, PA

Todd Cameron  -  1:17:08
Tom Chaves  - 1:12:18
Steve Evans - 1:09:45 Racer's Remarks: I may have to adjust my goals. (Ed. Note: See Steve's original goal under Runner's World 1/2 Marathon.) Just when I had lost all faith in my running I did well at Broad Street. Chalk one up to the power of positive thinking.
Christa Farnon - 1:46:20 (60-64 Age Group)
Ana Fernandez-Parmet - 1:24:04
Michael Harkness  - 1:35:25
Leslie Hempling - 1:25:59  Racer's Remarks: Great race, and a particularly nice tailgate! Thanks to all who coordinated.
Keith Hyndman - 1:22:11 Racer's Remarks: It didn't rain!!!
Debbie Keener - 1:35:31 Racer's Remarks: Vickie made me do it!
Carrie McAdam   1:11:51
Laura Pyott - 1:25:40, PR
George Sanders - 1:23:46  Racer's Remarks: Great tailgate party at FDR 
Kathy Taylor - 1:43:19 Racer's Remarks: First time for Broad Street. Personal goal was 1:45, so am happy with results! Prior racing experience: Ran a 5K in 2002 and a 10K in 1984 (yikes! 20 years ago!) So definitely felt good about this -- and feel urge to get faster.

May 2004 Races
Run for Dana Marie 5k
April 26, Phoenixville, PA

Jim Lewis - 25:27, 2nd in age group
Robert Lewis - 19:18, 2nd in age group, 19th overall
Robert Woodruff - 20:55, 28th overall.  Racer's Remarks: "His running partner thinks he did great!"
Vanguard Challenge 10k
May 8, Valley Forge, PA

Jim Donaghy - 48:24  Racer's Remarks: Fast finish from the top of Mt. Misery.  Unfortunately there is the part of getting there.
UCP Corporate 5k
May 17, Philadelphia, PA

Carrie McAdam - 19:59, GSK Woman's Team "tied" for 1st Place.
Race for Unity 5K
May 15, Philadelphia, PA

Don Hurford - 18:39  Racer's Comments: It was a fast flat course, temps in the 80s that day.
Millersville Mile
May 23, Millersville, PA

Don Hurford - 00:04:56  Racer's Comments:  Quite a distance to go (105 miles round trip) for a sub-five minute race but worth it! Very fast course! Steep competition! If you have never done a "mile" race you must try this "classic" distance!
June 2004 Races
Run For Your Life 5 K
June 15, Malvern, PA

Tom Chaves - 23:07  Racer's Comments:   Last mile had a hill that knocked the wind out of you!

Roseann Palmer - 25:28 3rd in Age Group Racer's Comments: "I was beaten for 2nd in the last 20 yards. I was wondering why there were people cheering for me and then I realized a little to late, the woman's buddies were cheering her on to PASS ME!"
July 2004 Races
Good Neighbor Day 15k
July 3, Downingtown, PA

Tom Chaves - 1:11:02
Roseann Palmer - 1:17:31 3rd in Age Group

Jay's Challenge Marathon
July 24, Jay's Peak VT

Keith Straw - 8:08:29. 
Runner's Comments: A few folks have asked me about my July marathon on the 24th in Vermont. Well, the nervous twitch has abated and I've almost got the use of my limbs again. So let me just say that this adventure was eXtreme. From now on, I will scoff at Jim D's mountain trails, and Bob W's attempt to find the deepest water. Let me explain it to anyone thinking of doing it next year: The race starts by climbing 4,000', over 7 miles, to the summit of Jay Peak. Then you head downhill for 4 miles, descending 2,000' of ski trail. You then run in fields, river crossing, deer trail and Brook. Yes in a brook for about 1 mile. You continue via a bushwack and a beaver Dam. Once pass the beaver dam you cross the river. Yes, you cross a 50 foot river aid by volunteers and a cable. Once at the next Aid station, make sure that you take a good break, refuel and relax because the worse mud hole in the world is about to swallow you in the next 8 miles.   Now, when I signed up, I missed the part from the race director that said "Only the adventurous, experienced trail runner and fit athlete should sign up for this race". So that explains why it took me 8:08:29 to complete. But I wasn't last. I came in 74th in a field of 112 starters, 5 of whom never quite made it to the end ...Will I be there next year?   Will you!
Oddman Off-road Duathlon  (5K trail run, 10 mi mountain bike, 5K trail run ) 
March 27 , PA

Mary Wood - 2:19  Racer's Remarks: Got 1st in age group (was the only woman in my age group and above!)   Harder than I expected but lots of fun.
Charlie Horse 20K Trail Run
May 30, Pennsylvania

Mary Wood - 2:30 Racer's Remarks: Was really out of shape for this one and thought there were more hills than last year!
Marlton Lakes Duathlon 5K and 1/4 mile swim
July  7, Marlton Lakes, NJ

Ali Gregro - 32:10     Racer's  Remarks: My first duathlon, which included a 5K PR and 2nd place in my age group!
August 2004 Races
Wilkes-Barre Olympic Triathlon (0.9 mile swim, 25 mile bike, 6.9 mile run)
August 8, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Ali Gregro - 3:06:12     Racer's Remarks: My very first triathlon! The weather was perfect, but unusual for August - in the 70's and no humidity. The race was well-organized, the course was all hills, and the field was talented. What fun!
Half-Wit Trail Half-Marathon
August 15, Reading PA

Mary Wood - 2:39, 3rd in Age Group
September 2004 Races
Virginia Beach Rock-n-Roll Half-Marathon
September 5, Virginia Beach, VA

Mary Wood - 1:58 Racer's Remarks: A group of us from Fasttracks went down and it was a lot of fun - Sarah and Milo German, Sarah Douglas, Linda Barton and Robin McMonagle.
End of the Summer 8K
September 6, East Goshen PA

George Sanders - 38:34  Racer's Remarks: All those summer track workouts are finally beginning to pay off - ran more than 2 minutes faster than 2 years ago.
Bald Eagle Mountain Megatransect 23 Mile Trail Run
September 11, Loch Haven PA

Mary Wood - 5:53  Racer's Remarks: really enjoyed it!
Pine Barrens Olympic Triathalon (1 mile swim, 24 mile bike, 6.2 mile run)
September 11, Pine Barrens NJ

Ali Gregro - 2:40:57  Racer's Remarks: The highlight for me was shattering my previous swim time by 6 minutes, and being able to successfully maneuver the trail run in deep sand.  Many thanks to my tri partner Candace for introducing me to this sport.

Philadelphia Distance Run - Half Marathon
September 19, Philadelphia PA

Stacy Antoniadis - 2:07:30
Linda Barton - 2:01:53
Tom Chaves - 1:43:01
Sarah Douglas - 2:09:14
Milo German - 1:59:12  Racer's Comments: Great time because of all the Fast Tracks participants !!!
Sarah German - 1:45:30
Ali Gregro - 2:01:56  Racer's Remarks: Not a PR for me, but still a beautiful day to run with my Fast Tracks friends!
Wendy Gross - 1:54:14
Deb Hall - 1:38:08
Julie Hankin - 1:25:29
Michael Harkness - 2:10:09  Racer's Remarks: Only the second time I did it, but I took about 7 minutes off last year's time. Perfect weather!!  Thanks to all for making my brother and nephew (his first 1/2 marathon) feel so welcome.  They kept commenting about how nice everyone in the club was to them.   The tailgate was amazing!!
Theresa Hartzell - 1:32:58
George Hughes - 1:35:18  Racer's Comments:  Great day, excellent tailgate.
Debbie Keener - 1:56:01 PR Racer's Remarks: PR for sure!  And if we subtract the Tom C. factor, 30 seconds to pee by the side of the road doesn't count, 1:55:31....a dream come true !!
Andi Lieberman - 1:49:35 First Half Marathon  Racer's Remarks: This was my first 1/2 marathon. The weather was great and I really enjoyed the race!
Robin McMonagle - 2:01:17
Dawn Morgan - 1:41:02 PR
Joan Osborne - 1:46:04, 5th in age group
Roseanne Palmer - 1:45:00 Racer's Remarks: A lot left at the finish.  What a gorgeous day and the food at the tailgate party, ahhh, DEE-LISH... plus the bloody Marys and Ultra Michelob,  DEELISH again!  It seemed like everyone had a fast race, needless to say the day was a Fasttrack success!
Harry Rimmer - 1:57:14  First Half Marathon  Racer's Comments:  My first half marathon, and I was faster than most runners in my age group. It was a fun race, a super day and a great tailgate. My magical moment was standing at the start line – the fact that I was there just seemed so amazing. A big thank you to Joan Osborne, Fast tracks, and my running partner Andi – you are all awesome.
Melissa Schlifka - 2:08:00
Bhaval Shah - 1:56:14, PR
Sandra Shpilberg - 2:41:52 First Half Marathon  Racer's Remarks: This was my first half-marathon and it was a great event!
Keith Straw - 1:54:56
Tracy Thomas
Mary Wood - 1:55:59 PR
Philadelphia Distance Run - 5K
September 19, Philadelphia PA

Hannah Meyer - 21:32  Comments: age 11; PR; 2nd in under 14 (to 14 year old Neely Spence, the overall winner); 6th female overall

Don Hurford - 18:48  Racer's Comments: It was a good news bad news day. The good news is that my strategy of going out slower than last year for the first 2 miles worked, the bad news is that my last mile was the exact same time as last year and overall I was 35 seconds slower. Next year it's back to my traditional method of going out fast and hanging on the last mile!

George Sanders - 22:23  Racer's Remarks: Best 5K time in over a year, finishing 3rd in my age-group.

Conestoga Trail Run 10 Miler
September 26,  Lancaster County , PA

Mary Wood - 2:32:00  1st in Age Group  Racer's Comments: Very Hilly! 

October 2004 Races
University of Notre Dame Intramural X-C 5K
October 5, Notre Dame IN

Avery Mortimer - 18:41  Racer's Remarks: This was the interhall X-C championship race. My dorm, St. Ed's, won and I was 4th man on the team. Go Irish!

Steamtown Marathon
October 10, Scranton PA

Brett Cohn - 3:52:04 First Marathon!
Jim Lewis - 4:50:00
Keith Straw - 3:30:27 Boston Qualifier!!!
Race for Katie 5K
October 10, Downingtown PA

Deb Hall - 21:23  3rd Female Overall, 1st in Age Group
French Creek Fling Adventure Race
October 10, French Creek PA

Jim Donaghy and Beth Proffitt - 4:15:00  Racer's Remarks: As everyone was flying along in their marathons, Beth Proffitt and I did the French Creek Fling Adventure Race. 4 hours and 15 minutes of mountain biking, trail running, canoeing and orienteering (aka wandering) through the hills of French Creek. Thank God there was finally no sticker bushes or rocks on the lake. We came in 36 of 59 and 8 of 15 coed. This was Beth's first adventure race and she did superbly. She also still talks to me.
SDA 5K Run/Walk
October 16, Immaculata University PA

Chris McCann - 25:32 6th Overall.  Racer's Remarks: I ran this race for the first time after hearing about it from George S. We had nice fall weather and the 5K was a moderate rolling hill course around the Immaculata campus.

George Sanders - 23:44, 3rd Overall.  Racer's Remarks: 3rd place overall on a beautiful course with near-perfect weather.

Baltimore Marathon
October 17, Baltimore MD

Deb Keener - 4:11:27 PR  Racer's Remarks:  Thanks to Milo and his generous support as well as Fast Tracks for their well wishes and encouragement, I was able to finish the Baltimore Marathon with a PR of 4:11:27 despite an endless 7 mile hill (16 through 23) and wind tunnel at mile 25.

Susan Look - 5:00:19  First Marathon!  Read Susan's First Time Marathon Story under "Articles"

Covered Bridge Run 10 Miler
October 16, PA

Mary Wood - 1:25:00 1st in Age Group
Hamilton Half Marathon
October 24, Hamilton, NJ

Andi Lieberman - 1:49:02

Harry Rimmer - 1:56:45 PR  Racer's Remarks: It’s a fun, and fairly flat race, followed by a pizza party. Although it’s in NJ, it’s easier to get to than a Philly race. You can park about 100 yards from the finish line and 200 yards from the start. There were about 600 runners, so I crossed the start line about 2 seconds after the gun fired. Consequently the digital clocks at every mile were actually useful. Unfortunately, after three weeks the results are still not on the Web site. I don’t know my placing, but I did beat my PR by 30 seconds
Marine Corps Marathon
October 31, Washington DC

Mary Wood - 4:25:00
November 2004 Races
Oley Valley 10 Miler
November 7, Oley Valley PA

Jim Donaghy - 76:58 2nd in Age Group  Racer's Comments: It's a great race through the gently rolling countryside that features a different barn hex sign each year on the shirts and awards. I highly recommend the race to others.

Marathon in the Parks
November 14, Bethesda, MD

Alexis Flores - 3:09:23
JFK 50 Miler
November 20, Hagerstown, MD

Ethel Cook - 11:38:10
Philadelphia Marathon
November 21, Philadelphia, PA

George Hughes - 3:31:15  Racer's Remarks: Great day and nice weather,the Fasttracks stop was great,what cheering.I set a new PR thanks to all in the club,and hope to do better next year.

Susan Look - 4:46:00 Racer's Remarks: I finished the Philly Marathon (my second marathon - just four weeks after Baltimore).  This one went much better. I didn't go out too fast, it was much flatter, and I ran the whole thing with my neighbor who I run with all the time - good company.   It was also nice to see friends and family along the way.  And what a great 10 mile water stop.  Anyway - chip time 4 hours and 46 minutes (my goal was 4 hours and 45 minutes - darn that potty break).

Mary Wood - 4:17:00 PR  Racer's Remarks: Had much more fun than I did at Marine Corps
Dirty Bird Trail Race 15K
November 31, French Creek State Park PA

Mary Wood - 1:54:00  Racer's Remarks:  Very muddy and wet, but great fun!

December 2004 Races
Brian's Run 10K
December 5, West Chester PA

George Sanders - 45:07  Racer's Remarks:  Course was short by .22 miles because lead car turned a block early. Still had a great race with estimated time for full 10K about 46:45.

Mary Wood - 51:02
Shiver by the River 5K
December 12,  Reading PA

Janet Lewis -  19:57 3rd woman overall, 1st in age group
UMLYMCA New Year's Eve 5K
December 31, Berwyn PA

Mary Wood - 26:04  Racer's Remarks: Fun way to end the year